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What Our Customers are Saying

We love and value all of our customers. Here are just a few Pure Testimonials by Pure Maintenance customers

There was one area in our church that once had water damage.  Every time my friend with chronic Lyme’s disease would passed that area she would either have a seizure or loose control of her legs.

Once when I was walking with her she just suddenly fell to the floor, when we passed that area.  It happened so fast I couldn’t catch her.   She told me that it happened every time she passed that area.

Then the church had the carpets cleaned and the problem spread through out the church.  It was very obvious that it smelt of mold to me and several people I spoke with.  Not every one I spoke with said they noticed the smell though.  To make it more complicated all tests came back negative.  According to all the companies that tested it there was no mold in the building.  I have learned that not all mold can be detected by tests.

Upon entering the building after the carpets were cleaned, both my friends who have Lyme’s disease had intimidate reactions and they are still somewhat sick from that experience and it has been a few months.  Also, my own daughter who has Lyme’s became very sick after entering the building.  I even waited several weeks after the carpet was cleaned before taking her because my friends warned me of the situation.  I was hoping some of the mold would clear out if I waited.  However, that would not be the case.  The day I took her we ended up having to leave early because I could tell it was affecting her as well.  She has also taken a decline in her health after going into the church building after the carpets were clean.

This was a challenge for our family because it was before Christmas so my sweet little seven year old girl had to miss the Christmas party and other fun events due to the mold.

However,  I am very excited and happy to say that after Pure Maintenance treated the building my daughter and two friends have gone to the church for several weeks now with no reaction.  It is truly a miracle for us.  Thanks So Much Pure Maintenance!!!! No words can express our gratitude! 

Deena on Home Advisor

“We’ve had some water problems over the years resulting in a mold problem.  I did a lot of research and found Pure Maintenance.  Their whole house technology made complete sense to me.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB.  They were so professional.  They answered all my questions and went above and beyond my expectations.  They did a fantastic job.  I highly recommend Pure Maintenance if you have any concerns about mold in your house.”

Rob Acevedo on Google Places

“Pure Maintenance was an awesome experience. They came on time, performed the service, and killed my mold. The price was fantastic. They were less than half what the other mold remediation companies quoted me and I didn’t have to rebuild. I was worried about asbestos in my older home but found out it didn’t matter because of their noninvasive, nondestructive procedure. I would recommend this company to anyone. This is the future of mold remediation. So dope.”

Ethan Annis (Google Places)

Pure Maintenance saved my life!!! By researching my families symptoms, I had a strong suspicion that we were dealing with mold infections that were coming from living in our home. I was devastated as I reviewed documentaries and researched on the internet what had to be done for us to receive a healthy home again (renovation). I prayed to be lead to the right company to take care of our house and was lead to Pure Maintenance. They brought so much hope to me as one suffering from toxic mold infestation. We scheduled the fogging within a week of testing and my family (a week later) are all ready feeling so much better!!!! The results are guaranteed and I just can not say enough praise. I, 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who is also dealing with mold in their homes and therefore their bodies. I know that I am spreading the word all over my neighborhood as their are many basements that have had water damage. What a blessing! Thank you so much Pure Maintenance!!

Deena Callister via Google Places

First off, I would definitely recommend Pure Maintenance for anyone that is dealing with mold problems. We moved into a house and found substantial mold that the inspection nor insurance would cover. They were very quick to reply, easy to deal with for scheduling, and were not pushy at all on any service. After the treatment I had forgotten to ask about the attic for some mold I was seeing from an old water leak coming through the it and even after closing most of the truck up, without hesitation they opened the stuff back up and treated the attic. They are very knowledgable and friendly – easy to deal with, and the best, it was a full house treatment that was cheaper still than other company’s demo portion only. Highly recommended!

Adam Stark via Google Places

5 stars is not a high enough rating for this company!  Prior to having them come into our home for treatment, our mold test results came back higher than the previous remediation company had ever seen.  The counts were too high for the machines to read.  We had to evacuate the house because we were all sick.  Additionally, we got a $15,000 bid from the previous remediation company, which was more than our insurance would cover.  Then we found Pure Maintenance.  When I called and spoke with Mike, he was very informative on not only the process they would go through, but on the nature of mold and the chemistry behind killing it.  They guaranteed clean mold tests.  They came out to do the treatment in a timely manner. They worked on my home in an investigative like manner, until the mold tests came back clear and we were able to safely come home.  It was a big job, and they never complained or gave up on it.  I am now living in my home again feeling great!  I can’t thank them enough for giving me a safe home to live in again.  You will not regret using this company, and at only a fraction of the cost with much, much better treatment and service!!  Truly an answer to our prayers!

Stephanie Pope

 Our thanks for resolving the problem of mold detected in our house. Remediation was necessary to complete the successful sale of our home and insure that the new owners are guaranteed a healthy environment. We wish you success as you expand your service in this area.

Sincerely, Joe Johnson

Via an email to the company

Pure Maintenance did an excellent job in removing the mold from our home. Their patented technology is the best I have found in all my research on mold removal- most effective and definitely cheaper than most methods which include demolition and rebuilding. Pure maintenance took our mold count from 13,000 to less than 100, in a matter of hours. The mold smell was gone immediately. The owners and staff were wonderful to work with, and very accommodating. I highly recommend Pure Maintenance if you are dealing with mold. If you don’t know if you are have a mold problem, they will send a technician out to your home for 10 minutes and test for $50- which is much cheaper than other mold companies. I loved my experience with Pure maintenance!

Terah Jones via Google Places

Such a great company! We found out that our 8 year old house had faulty roofing done and there was water and mold damage. Our family has had health problems from mold. Our family’s health is better after treatment and we now feel safe in our own home, such a relief. Great start to a new year! Pure Maintenance helped lift a heavy burden.

Danielle Musick via Google Places

Excellent company, Excellent results, Excellent service & Excellent people to work with! I highly recommend Pure Maintenance!

Richelle S. in Spanish Fork via Home Advisor

Pure Maintenance was wonderful. The technician that came was very thorough, very helpful, and informative! We felt very comfortable having him in our home and taking care of our mold problem. When we returned everything smelled great and you could tell just from the new smell that it had been successful! Now we don’t have to worry about our kids being sick due to mold in our older home. We are so glad we had the treatment done and would definitely recommend it. We can’t wait for the lasting effects on our family!

Stacey Noel via Google Places

While my husband and I were away from home for 6 months, our renter discovered mold in the attic of our rental home. It was such a relief when out son-in-law, Bryce Jaynes contacted your company to mitigate the problem. The mold problem was solved quickly at a price we could afford and the customer service was outstanding. Thank you Brandon Adams. We will highly recommend your company whenever we can.

Fern Hanson via Facebook

So easy to work with, and super helpful with answering questions. We have done this twice now first when we moved into the house because some water damage prior to us purchasing the house and then the most recent when our renters flooded our in foundation duct work and making sure no mold was able to grow. It has really take care of the problem and all the mildew smells are gone and I dont have to worry about mold! This was much cheaper than getting mold restoration done and I am so glad these guys are around.

Kelsey Bunnell on Google Places

My experiance with Pure Maintenance was great. I love the fact that there wasn’t a ton of chemical sprayed into the home. They were prompt with there service and very understanding of our needs. I recieved a detailed report on the lab results of the affected area and assured the mold was gone. I will use them in the future. thanks

Bryan Young Construction

We were very impressed with this company. They were knowledgable, prompt, and the service tech was a super nice guy. We would highly recommend this company.

Kendi Ostermiller

Fantastic experience. Loved the service they provided, my house has never felt so fresh! They were professional, quick and very reasonably priced. I would recommend them all day long

Raphael Harris on Google Places

We had a mold problem for years caused by a leaking drain. When the ceiling collapsed in our pantry under the main bathroom, we discovered a large amount of black mold. After removing all the mold infested wood and sheetrock and treating the area with a mild bleach solution, we could still smell the mold. We called in Pure Maintenance and the smell was completely eliminated. We are delighted to have this health threat removed and were very pleased with how quickly and easily working with Brandon was. We strongly recommend their service.

Judy Morgan

I needed my home cleaned up due to high mold spore air sample readings-What a difference-the cost was a fraction of every one else-it only took 4 hours and I didn t have to worry about trying to move every thing out for Pure Maintenance to get in and work. They did an excellent job- and the air samples came back more than just clean, they were super clean

This is the company to use-Plus they give a guarantee on their work and product. In my 30 plus years in building maintenance I have never found a company this good. THANKS for getting my home where it needed to be.


Pure Maintenance was awesome to work with as they addressed all of my extensive concerns and really put my mind at ease that I was making the best choice in dealing with our mold problems.  The process was so simple and required no disruption to our lives beyond a couple of hours away from our home.  It is a much better option in every way compared to traditional remediation.  The results were immediately noticeable.  I am starting to regain my health and my joint pain is going away after only one week!  I am so grateful!  Thanks, Pure Maintenance!

Stephanie Reynolds

Thank you Pure Maintenance! We were in the process of moving and were surprised to learn upon inspection that there were some areas of mold found in our attic. After reading and researching online, the pure maintenance dry fog method was the one that made the most sense. It gave me the peace of mind I needed to know that not only the attic would be treated but any possible problem areas that might not be visible would be treated and decontaminated as well. We appreciated the education they gave us regarding the mold and the process. Their customer service was great as they were very quick to respond to my many questions via phone call or email. They are affordable, professional, and knowledgeable. The process was quick and painless and I appreciated that within a few short hours my home was ridded of the harmful mold. I would definitely recommend them to others.

Heidi Wilson

I would highly recommend Pure Maintenance. They were on time and very professional We had Pure Maintenance come out to spray our 30+ year old home, and have noticed that our overall health has improved since then. They were generous and even did our cars. We would highly recommend them to our friends and family

Karen Luke

I would like to thank Pure Maintenance for the work done at our school.  Since the building was older and we have many children, parents, faculty and staff who frequent the school often, we are suspect to lots of germs and the effects of being in an older facility.  Pure maintenance came in and disinfected the school with their dry fog process. The remarks from parents and faculty have been that the school smells much cleaner and we are confident it will aid in the health of our employees and students.  Thanks again to Pure Maintenance.

Laura Brown/Director of Carden Memorial School

We would like to thank Pure Maintenance for the great job they did decontaminating our house. We had an extremely “sick” house that was causing serious health issues for us and our pets. Pure Maintenance was professional in this undertaking. We would highly recommend this company to everyone. Thanks Mike.

Joe and Starla Angle

 We had a funny smell in our house and crawl space and the smell made us sick. We found we had small amounts of different molds in our older home. No matter what we did we couldn’t get rid of the smell. We paid a ton to get our air vents cleaned and cleaned out our crawl space as there was some mold in there and the smell was still there. We found Pure Maintenance and had them come and treat our home. It was fast and effective. Our treatment by Pure Maintenance was over a year ago now and the strange smells have not returned, the mold has not returned, and our health has improved. I would recommend Pure Maintenance to anyone seeking to treat mold or funny smells. It is more cost effective than other routes and very effective.

Ruth Martineau

Fabulous company to work with. I have used them for mitigation on homes ranging from $3.5M to $300K. They are always and immediately available for consultation and to resolve the problems without fear. I cannot give them a high enough recommendation.

Deanna Carter

I highly recommend Pure Maintenance! We had a tricky situation and they dealt with it quickly and professionally, and all for less cost than alternative options and hardly any intrusion on our home and life. If I have mold issues in the future, I’ll definitely know who to contact.

Jacque Cloud

 We have now used Pure Maintenance in two homes that we have lived in and I would highly recommend them. Extremely professional with a high quality product. The second home we used them for they had to come back and re-treat, which they gladly did. Great people to work with.

Marnie Dolan

They were less priced comparing to the other companies, and they got the job done quickly.

Anonymous Home Advisor Customer

We had a great experience with this company. Our home was an older home and had a moldy smell about it. Pure Maintenance came in and tested for the mold, treated the mold and we were back in the house in a matter of hours. We received the lab results from an outside lab showing the mold was dead. It is so comforting to know that mold can be taken care of this way, and so much cheaper than the other mold remediation. -Anonymous Web Review   “Thank you Pure Maintenance from the bottom of my heart! My son still has some work left getting over his allergies, but not having mold to deal with anymore has been a huge help! I have told all my family and friends of your wonderful service! Thank you again!

Sincerely, Tiffany J.

We had rental property with mold in a bathroom and downstairs family room. The renters have a disabled child that is sensitive to mold and had to be treated. We needed immediate help as we put the renters up on a hotel until it was taken care of. . Pure Maintenance scheduled us for the next day, started at 6 AM and were done by noon and the renters were back in that night. Their quote was very reasonable and prevented us from having to take out drywall, etc. We had them do the whole house and also the crawl space under the house so we would be sure of a safe environment. Peace of mind for all concerned that the environment is now safe for the family and particularly their child. We’d highly recommend their services to anyone.

Bruce Collett

Hey Guys at Pure Maintenance, Wanted to send a quick thanks to you all for your innovative solution to kill mold. The process was so simple and uncomplicated for us as homeowners. No mess and the slight smell of vinegar you said we’d have was actually refreshing. The whole process was amazing and very effective. We felt better all most immediately. We’ve raved to friends about your business. Hope you’ll see the benefits of that. We were blessed to find you when we did.

Thanks so much! McClearys

This is the only mold remediation that makes sense to me. The other companies want to tear it out – which only spreads it throughout your house. This company comes in and fogs and kills it, so you don’t have to tear it out. The fog is dry so it doesn’t damage anything in your house. I loved the feeling that even my air ducts had been treated. I could finally breathe easy.

Anonymous Super Pages Review

This was an amazing experience with this company. They came in and tested the mold provided the treatment and then retested. I received a lab report from an outside lab showing the mold was killed. We did not have to tear down walls. The cost was considerably less than the mold remediation company’s quote. This company works at not spreading the mold. They kill it through the entire house. The product is green, and friendly. You don’t have to worry about chemicals. The fog is dry and leaves no residue.


We had a leaky pipe in our bathroom ceiling that we fixed. We were worried that mold was growing in the places we couldn’t reach. We had Pure Maintenance come in and they we able to fog the space in about an hour. They were very professional. Because of their services they were able to save us from having to rip out sheetrock, which saved us hassle and money.

Anonymous Super Pages Review

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